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Friday, April 29, 2011

Featured Mom Business... *lit'l desi9s*

Spotlight on *Debby*

Debby Yennaco has created a universal language through Puzzle-like NaMe ArT. How can NaMe ArT create a universal language? Well, who doesn’t speak Elephant, Ladybug or Fairy? "Namimals", created by designer and owner, Debby Yennaco, is a collection of whimsical puzzle-like aRt created through the augmentation and arrangement of all the letters of a child’s name into imaginative shapes such as elephants, princesses, and rocket ships. The unique designs are at once simple and complex, challenging their audience to guess the name hidden within the picture, while delighting the eye with an imaginative yet easily understood perspective on the depicted subject. Yennaco has created over 4,500 names into her one-of-a-kind "Namimal" aRt.

The innovative designs create a UnIquE IdEntiTy for a child, and the "Namimal" collection provides a cReAtivE and FUN means for children to learn the letters of their name and to "Think Out of the Box", and most importantly, the designs are "Stranger Safe". When a child wears his/her own personalized design on a shirt or a bag, the child knows it’s his/her name, but a stranger doesn’t. Offering over 30 different customized products that you can to choose to print your "Namimal" design on, such as tee shirts, canvas bags, pillowcases and sticker sheets. Items are printed with Earth-Friendly inks and offered on 100% Organic Cotton, Bamboo and Recycled Materials.

Debby’s advertising background lends itself to a Remarkable Concept realized in a
FABULOUS, HIGH QUALITY END PRODUCT. Before starting lit’l desi9s by Debby Yennaco, she was one of the most coveted aRt diRecToRs in the advertising business. Her designs encourage people to look at Language, ArT and the World around them in a
fun new way. lit’l desi9s cReATes incredible, unique apparel and accessories that are Guaranteed to be the talk of any birthday party, holiday or baby shower!

Look up your kid’s, nieces, nephews and even your special "Namimal" design at www.litldesi9s.com today!

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