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Monday, April 11, 2011

Various Advertising Opportunities w/Deals Among Moms

We're all about helping moms have the most successful business they can possibly have!  That's how Deals Among Moms was born.  While we're waiting for our group buys to start, we have a couple of other opportunities for you to share your mom-run business with our network of other moms!  Here's a rundown...

1.  Blog Advertising
Our blog has had a fantastic following!  Between our Hot Deal Alerts, Giveaways and Business Spotlights, moms are flocking to our site regularly to get the 411!  So, we're giving you an opportunity to put your business right in front of them with a sidebar button ad on the blog!  The ad space is 125x125.  The cost will be $10 for 3 months-that's only $3.33 a month!  If you don't already have a button ad, we'll also be happy to design one for you for $10.  It will be yours to keep and use anywhere else you'd like.  If you're interested, please email us at morgan@dealsamongmoms.com.  Once we receive your ad and payment, we can have it up within 24 hours!

2.  Wall Advertising
If you have a sale, promotion or giveaway and would like to place it on our Facebook wall, you're more than welcome.  All we ask is that you please give us a shout out on your page, either tagging us or linking us,  and encourage your fans to check us out!

3. Facebook Business Directory
We offer a mom-run business directory in the photo section of our FB page.  If you'd like your business included in the directory, we'd love to add you!  It's completely free, all we as is that you send Deals Among Moms a shout out and link on your Facebook page encouraging your fans to check us out.  We ask that you do this once when you place your ad and then once monthly moving forward.  To get started, email morgan@dealsamongmoms.com with a brief description of your business, a photo or logo and a link to your FB page.

4.  Featured Mom Business
We've started running features on our blog for special mom-run businesses.  We know your business is special too and would love to feature you!  If you'd like to have a write up on our blog, we ask that you please help promote us on your page and encourage your fans to check us out!

5.  Group Deals
This is the heart of our business!  We hope to launch group deals sometime in May.  We've received a great deal of interest from both retailers and consumers and we're super excited about it!  The great thing about our group deals is that we're making them accessible for both small and large mom-run businesses to run.  There's no minimum discount you have to offer, so you're able to structure a deal that works for you and your budget.  No money is required up front, so it's quick and easy, risk free advertising.  Plus, our fee per sale will be lower than Groupon and other similar sites.  If you're interested in being added to our retailer email list, please email us at morgan@dealsamongmoms.com.  This group will receive all of the updates on our progress and will also receive special discounted rates in the beginning!  Plus they'll be the first ones that get to offer their deals!

6.  Home Party Moms
We know that you want to advertise to our network of moms just as much as other businesses, but running a group deal may not be for you.  So, we want to help you advertise by offering a marketplace for "Virtual Parties!"  The logistics of this plan are still being worked out, but essentially, we'll be featuring 1 home party business a week and providing a place online for moms check them out and purchase products just as if they were at a party themselves.  Since we're not interested in attaining host benefits, we suggest running the party "Mystery Host" style, with all of the moms placing orders entered into a drawing to receive the host benefits.  It's a great incentive to get people to place orders!  Like with our group buys, we don't require any fees up front, only if you make a sale.  Again, please email us at morgan@dealsamongmoms.com if you're interested and we'll add you to our retailer email list.  This group will also receive a discounted rate in the beginning!

If you're interested in any or all of these options, please email us today! 

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