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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Featured Mom Business *Bun Bun Bags*

Spotlight on *Bun Bun Bags*
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Bun Bun Bags specializes in creating custom handbags and accessories. We strongly believe that you can find your ultimate handbag or accessory at Bun Bun because YOU are involved in design process.

Bun Bun Bags was founded about three years ago by two stay-at-home moms – one with passion for sewing and the other with a passion for business; together they brought Bun Bun Bags to life! Today the company is owned and operated by a team of energetic women who love design, thrive on friendship and enjoy helping you create your handbag. This team approach draws on the creativity and passion of the group and has grown the company to the next level!

Our goal is to build a business that supports people in what they want to do and who they want to be. Currently we employ almost 30 people – our staff includes single moms, teenagers, grandmothers and everyone in between. All our bags are 100% American made and handmade - our bags don’t come off an assembly line nor are they shipped across an ocean. A woman makes your bag in her home especially for you according to your design specifications.

Who we are and the philosophy of our company are as valuable to us as the products we sell. We hope that you take a look at the designs and fabrics and find a pattern that you like. But ultimately, we hope that you can find a little bit of yourself in a Bun Bun Bag.

About the Moms behind Bun Bun Bags...
Tracey Portillo came to Bun Bun Bags as a Sales Representative in July of 2009. After attending a party, and then agreeing to host one, it became clear that she had caught "Bun Bun Fever". She was hired by the company shortly thereafter. With a background in sales, Tracey quickly became the highest producing Sales Representative and was promoted to Sales Manager--the fastest transition in the company's history. Tracey now serves as President, running Bun Bun's day to day operations, overseeing the sales team, and providing the strategic direction of the company. Tracey has a degree in Women's Studies from the University of Richmond. Tracey and her husband Jay live in Chesterfield County, Virginia with their son. Tracey has two stepdaughters; one who also lives in Richmond and the other who lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She currently carries the Suzette in the Metro fabric.

Colleen Carpinelli first became aware of Bun Bun Bags when she agreed to host a party for her childhood friend Tracey. Living in Williamsburg, she opened the door for Bun Bun Bags to another new market and growth opportunity. With a background in graphic design and marketing, Colleen now serves as Vice President of Marketing & Community Relations, where she focuses on developing all our print material and provides artistic direction for the company. Colleen has an undergraduate degree in Art and a masters degree in Education from James Madison University (VA). She lives in Williamsburg, Virginia with her husband Brian and three daughters. She currently carries the Marise in the Multi fabric.

Katy Loy was introduced to Bun Bun at her friend Colleen's party. After attending several other Bun Bun parties it became clear that she had fallen for Bun Bun! In addition to being the Vice President of Administration & Finance, she is the Tidewater area's first Sales Representative. Katy has a degree in Business Administration from Westminster College (PA). She lives in Williamsburg, Virginia with her husband Mike, a son and daughter. She currently carries the Giselle in the Pink Stripe fabric.

Jennifer Heffron joined the Bun Bun team in September of 2009. Having been friends since college, Tracey invited Jennifer to her first Bun Bun party as a sales representative. Jennifer was hooked! She became the company's first Sales Representative outside of Richmond. After a very busy fall, she now serves as Vice President of Training & Development and Sales Manager of the Washington D.C. Metro area, where she focuses on growing Bun Bun's presence in this developing market. Jennifer has a degree in Leadership Studies from the University of Richmond, and a Law degree from the University of Pittsburgh, School of Law. She lives in Purcellville, Virginia with her husband Aaron and two daughters. She currently carries the Joelle in the Geometry fabric.

Patty Wyngaard has been a part of Bun Bun Bags since 2008 and was the first to introduce Tracey to the company. As the past Executive Director of Sales, Patty is a huge part of why Bun Bun has so been successful and we are lucky to have her as a Vice President on the ownership team. Patty has a degree in History from Virginia Tech. She lives in Chesterfield, Virginia with her husband Peter, daughter and son. She currently carries the Briel in a one of a kind funky green and blue fabric.

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