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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Featured Mom Business *Stymiepie Studios*

Spotlight on *Leslie*
Stymiepie Studios
I'm Leslie, the "Stymiepie" in Stymiepie Studios, an artist who lives and works in New Jersey. I paint murals in homes across the country, own several shops online, handpaint items for several local stores, and illustrate children's books. I'm a graduate of Art and Design and FIT. The thing i love best about what i do , whether it's painting a mural in a baby to be's room, or handpainting a piggy bank,or custom canvas..is being part of something special in someone's life..usually a happy time. It's a lovely compliment to be included in that moment, and i thank all of my customers for choosing me to help them celebrate their lives.

As a child of the sixties, and a Woodstock survivor, i share a background and personal history with some of the artists that you'll find in my  other shop. Being raised on peace ,love, and rock and roll, it seemed like a natural progression to open a shop filled with creations that celebrate my love of music and art. It had been a dream since i fell in love with The Beatles, the Fillmore in New York City and was lucky enough to sing a little back up with some of my idols. So my second shop, RockandRollHart was born.

I have two sons,  Josh and Ben and the three of us lived thru the untimely death of my husband when they were both in high school. They are my heroes..they gave me a reason to get up everyday and encouraged me to be strong, live thru Pete's death and fufill my dream of selling my art. They are amazing young men..One of the gifts in my life has been learning that i was stronger than i thought i was, and finding so many wonderful ,helpful, creative women in business over the last few years..some that i'm now proud to call  my friends.

It's incredibly validating when someone buys something that you've created, that they want a part of you to be part of their lives.. so come on over and look thru the shops..we can get to know each other..I'll even make some coffee!


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