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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Super, Duper, Huge Giveaway...Interested in Sponsoring? Want More Fans?

Every mom loves Amazon.com!  You can get anything from diapers to cheerios and everything in between.  So moms will jump all over the chance to win an Amazon gift card, especially if it's for a high dollar amount! 

So let's give them what they want!  I would love to put together a Mega Amazon.com Giftcard Giveaway.  I can't offer a high dollar giftcard on my own, so I was thinking of having it be a sponsored event.  Each business would donate a certain amount (everyone the same to be fair).  I'll host the giveaway on my website to remain compliant with FB.  To enter, people would have to "like" each of the sponsors pages.  The more people that sponsor, the higher the dollar amount of the gift card.  The higher amount of the gift card, the more appeal it will have to bring people to enter.  So, I want to see if there's any sponsorship interest first before I get this going.  I'd like to be able to do $200 at the minimum. 

So if you're interested, comment on this Facebook post.  Also, let me know what amount you think would be good for each sponsor to contribute.  What I don't want to do is have a million sponsors for people to like to enter, which is what would happen if the amount is too low, but I also don't want the amount to be high that people won't participate.  So tell me what the max you'd be willing to contribute would be.  I'll take it all into consideration when making the final decision!


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