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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Boost Your Business Update #2

Our Boost Your Business contest is nearing the end!  Thanks to everyone who is participating, it's so excited to watch!

As of June 29th at 9:45 am, here's a rundown of where everyone stands (top 5 so far in bold)...

1.  The Peaceful Housewife:  23
2.  Little Sweetie Clips:  15
3.  Sandy Gram:  31
4.  Belly Charms LLC:  28
5.  Ladybug's Bows:  35
6.  Mama Ely's:  0
7.  Intimate Expressions:  0
8.  Simply Siena:  0
9.  mod momME:  2
10.  A New Creation Bows:  0
11.  Creations by JohnnyLeigh:  0
12.  Thirty-One Gifts by Lauren Hoffman:  0
13.  My Crystal Bling:  0
14.  Yono Promotions:  0
15.  Sunshine & Sippy Cups:  2
16.  Two Little Sea Stars:  4
17.  The Wicked Boo-tique:  31
18.  Usborne Books & More with Jessica:  3
19.  Chris Corcoran:  0
20.  Mom Executives:  0
21.  Earthen Magic Essence:  0
22.  Usborne Books, Jonda:  0
23.  Bun Bun Bags:  58
24.  Tutus for LuLu:  0
25.  Indigo Works:  27
26.  Art and Soul:  0
27.  Headstart Hair Clips:  0
28.  Collie Ollie Designs:  20
29.  Modern Royalty:  0
30.  The Cupcake Diva:  0
31.  Heather Stocks:  0
32.  Cat's Cradle:  0
33.  Avon Ashlee:  0
34.  Kaelyn's Heavenly Boutique:  0
35.  Lilla Rose:  0
36.  Adore Babywear:  82
37.  Body by Vi Ashley:  0
38.  Southern Sass:  0
39.  United by Fluff:  52
40.  WK & B Country Peddlers:  50
41.  BagInspiration:  0
42.  Initials, Inc. Dawnia:  0

Please don't forget to check out our wonderul sponsors!  Without them, this contest would not have been possible!

1.  TL Photography-Photography Package ($250 value)

2.  The Mom Shoppe-Advertising Package ($75 value)

3.  Easy Shop 360-Advertising Package ($59.95 value)
4.  WAHMaholic-Professional Blog Design ($100 value)

5.  Rachel Reed-Professional Logo Design ($150 value)

6.  Signature Worx-2 Hour Brain Dump Consulting ($150 value)

7.  Office Max Giftcard ($30 value)
Lynn Platt:  Independent Scentsy Consultant
Simply Siena Boutique
Amy Abrams:  Touchstone Crystal

8.  Deals Among Moms-Advertising Package ($190 value)

Remember, people can vote once every 24 hours, so keep the votes coming!  There are still 2 more days to bring in votes, so it's still anyone's game!

*if you're wondering why your count is at 0, but you may have voted, or, it's lower than last time, it's because some businesses received thumbs down votes, cancelling out a thumbs up vote.  I do NOT like the thumbs down option, however, there's no way for me to remove it through this third party app, and because of Facebook's new promotions guidelines, a third party app is the only thing we can use for a contest of this type.

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