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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Boost Your Business Update

Our Boost Your Business contest is chugging along!  Thanks to everyone who is participating, it's so excited to watch!
As of June 26th at 10 am, here's a rundown of where everyone stands (top 5 so far in bold)...

1.  The Peaceful Housewife:  21
2.  Little Sweetie Clips:  17
3.  Sandy Gram:  14
4.  Belly Charms LLC:  22
5.  Ladybug's Bows:  21
6.  Mama Ely's:  0
7.  Intimate Expressions:  0
8.  Simply Siena:  0
9.  mod momME:  9
10.  A New Creation Bows:  3
11.  Creations by JohnnyLeigh:  0
12.  Thirty-One Gifts by Lauren Hoffman:  0
13.  My Crystal Bling:  0
14.  Yono Promotions:  0
15.  Sunshine & Sippy Cups:  2
16.  Two Little Sea Stars:  4
17.  The Wicked Boo-tique:  13
18.  Usborne Books & More with Jessica:  4
19.  Chris Corcoran:  0
20.  Mom Executives:  0
21.  Earthen Magic Essence:  4
22.  Usborne Books, Jonda:  0
23.  Bun Bun Bags:  22
24.  Tutus for LuLu:  0
25.  Indigo Works:  15
26.  Art and Soul:  2
27.  Headstart Hair Clips:  3
28.  Collie Ollie Designs:  9
29.  Modern Royalty:  0
30.  The Cupcake Diva:  4
31.  Heather Stocks:  0
32.  Cat's Cradle:  4
33.  Avon Ashlee:  0
34.  Kaelyn's Heavenly Boutique:  0
35.  Lilla Rose:  0
36.  Adore Babywear:  27
37.  Body by Vi Ashley:  1
38.  Southern Sass:  1
39.  United by Fluff:  32
40.  WK & B Country Peddlers:  24
41.  BagInspiration:  3
42.  Initials, Inc. Dawnia:  0

Please don't forget to check out our wonderul sponsors!  Without them, this contest would not have been possible!

1.  TL Photography-Photography Package ($250 value)

2.  The Mom Shoppe-Advertising Package ($75 value)

3.  Easy Shop 360-Advertising Package ($59.95 value)
4.  WAHMaholic-Professional Blog Design ($100 value)

5.  Rachel Reed-Professional Logo Design ($150 value)

6.  Signature Worx-2 Hour Brain Dump Consulting ($150 value)

7.  Office Max Giftcard ($30 value)
Lynn Platt:  Independent Scentsy Consultant
Simply Siena Boutique
Amy Abrams:  Touchstone Crystal

8.  Deals Among Moms-Advertising Package ($190 value)

Remember, people can vote once every 24 hours, so keep the votes coming!  There are still 5 more days to bring in votes, so it's still anyone's game!

*if you're wondering why your count is at 0, but you may have voted, it's because some businesses received thumbs down votes, cancelling out a thumbs up vote.  I do NOT like the thumbs down option, however, there's no way for me to remove it through this third party app, and because of Facebook's new promotions guidelines, a third party app is the only thing we can use for a contest of this type.

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