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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Featured Mom Business *Gooseberry Lane Originals*

Spotlight on *Mandy*
Gooseberry Lane Originals

Are you looking for original, one of a kind boutique fashions for your little one?  Then you must check out Gooseberry Lane Designs, one of my favorite boutiques! 

About Mandy...
Hi, My name is Mandy Carty, Owner and Designer of Gooseberry Lane Designs and Gooseberrylaneoriginals.com.

I am truely blessed to have married my best friend who has also been my husband for 16 years. I am fortunate to say that he loves God as much as I do. I have two children who I adore, a son who is 10 and a daughter who is 9. I enjoy all type's of creative design especially things that involve mixing and matching of color and design.

I started out just as a Gymbo mom buying cute matching sets as each collection was launched. Reselling on Ebay afforded me a few super cute handmade boutique designs each season. I started with a love for fabric and soon was stitching my own designs together, playing with patterns and recreating simple designs into beautiful creations for my daughter. By the time she was in first grade I was proudly sending her to school almost daily in designs created by little ol' me!

Thats when she started coming home with a little more than homework, I had REQUEST! Actual ORDERS! I teamed up with a friend and we started filling them.

Together we became Twirly Bird Lane and for almost two years we participated in Art shows, trunk shows, craft fairs, home parties, online wholesale, drop shipping for Boutiques and online catalog shopping.

After much prayer and deliberation, in June 2010 I decided take a different route. Something a little less hectic, I wanted to see what Simple could do for me. So far it has been an incredible journey. I have been welcomed on Facebook with almost 2000 friends within the first 2 months. Also, in the first 2 months my sales have almost doubled those of TBL's yearly sales. My freedom to create has inspired me to try new things and really do what I love.

My goal is for you to absolutely love every design you purchase from me. I sell on Etsy and directly from my website ONLY www.gooseberrylaneorginals.com. I love to create custom designs and I really enjoy meeting new people and when it comes to GBL nothing makes me smile bigger then seeing you guys post pictures of your girlies wearing a Gooseberry Lane design. I am proud of what I have accomplished and my customer service is superior.

I am a mom just like you who is doing what she loves in order to stay at home and raise her children. When you purchase a GBL design know that your helping a family survive just like you!

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