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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Get more fans with our caravan! Special bonus entries tonight only!

Have you heard about our caravan yet?  When we hit 2500 fans, 15 lucky pages will get selected to be a featured page and we'll take our group of moms and cruise around to "like" them all! 

Tonight only:  earn a bonus entry if you make this your status...

"Check out Deals Among Moms (tag us there)...they're sending out the caravan to visit mom-run business pages and bring them new fans!  Help them get to 2500 fans so the fun can begin and some mom-run businesses get some much deserved love!"

Once you do that, fill out the form here...


Your page will get one entry into the caravan on top of the regular entry.  That will double your odds of getting selected!  Want to know more about how the caravan will work?  Here's our blog post from yesterday:

Want More Fans?

Then come take a ride in the Deals Among Moms Caravan!  We want to help mom-run businesses get the most exposure possible!  Let us help bring new fans to your Facebook page who will hopefully become customers of your business too!  A free advertising opportunity-yay!

Here's how the caravan will work...

1.  When the caravan begins, a Google Docs sign up form will be placed on our Facebook page.  If you want us to send fans to your business, sign up on the form.  It will remain up for approximately 24 hours.

2. Using Random.org, we'll select 15 businesses to feature.

3.  We'll then huddle up the mommies and get ready to roll!  When the caravan begins, we'll post links to each of the chosen businesses on our page.  Our fans will check out and "like" the page, then head back to our page for the next one.  Repeat.  Repeat, Repeat.  You get the picture!

The goal is to get as many new fans to each business as possible!  But in order to do that, we need your help!  You must be an active participant and like all the pages if you'd like to enter your own.  It's only fair, afterall!

We also need your help promoting Deals Among Moms!  Each caravan will begin when we reach 250 fan milestones.  So, the first will be when we hit 2500, then 2750, then 3000, so on and so forth!  So keep sending people our way...it's more exposure for you when you get featured!

If you have any questions, post them below!  Hope to start cruising with the first caravan in the next couple of days!

1 comment:

  1. this would be great .im need 30 more to reach my first 100 likes to do a giveawy! awsome ..ill join