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Friday, April 22, 2011

Group Buy....Say What?

Shockingly enough, some people have no idea what a group buy/daily deal is!  I know, I know, it was hard for me to believe too, especially since I'm absolutely obsessed with Groupon, Living Social and a few others in my area.  Group buying has become a huge hit over the last year or so, and with good reason.  It's a win win for everyone involved.  The consumer scores a great deal and the retailer gains a ton of exposure and instant closed sales.  So just how does a group buy with Deals Among Moms work, you ask?  Well here's a quick rundown...

1.  A business signs up to advertise and have their business featured on our site.  It costs nothing to sign up and offer a deal!

2.  The business creates their deal.  It can be a discounted voucher to their store (like pay $20 for a $40 gift certificate) or it can be a voucher for product (like pay $10 for a $20 handbag).  The amount of the discount is up to the retailer, as are the details of the deal, like how long the deal is offered, expiration date of the voucher, what it can be used on, whether shipping is included, etc.

3.  On that business's deal day, their deal will be featured on the front page of our website and blasted to our network of moms, which is currently over 2,000 and counting!  Plus, everyone who sees the deal will be encouraged to share the deal with their friends since we'll be offering them referral credits when their friends purchase the deal!  This will grow our network tremendously when the deals start rolling!

4.  When a customer buys a deal, we handle the payment processing and issue them the voucher for the retailers deal.  Score!  Instant sale!

4.  Once the deal is over, we send the retailer a list of everyone who purchased the deal, along with the serial numbers of their vouchers.  And the best part....we send them the money collected from the deal, minus our fees, within 2 weeks....INSTANT CASH!

So that's a rundown of how our group buys will work. So how can they help your business?  Here are some of the benefits of offering a group deal....

1.  Your business is advertised to thousands of people while the deal is active.  Even if those people aren't ready to make a purchase, they now know about your business and can come back at any time.

2.  Advertising your business with a group deal provides a huge SEO impact for your website.  Group deals get picked up by tons of deal sites that will repost the deal, along with your website's link.   In one small case-study, a single small business saw more than 1,000 hits and 85 incoming links within the first three hours of a group coupon going live. The traffic spike dropped off significantly within a day, but the links remain a month later.

3. Instant closed sales!  Yes, you're offering a discount and paying for advertising, but keep these facts in mind.  Most people that buy the deal will go on to purchase more than their voucher's value...and at full price!  Plus, not everyone who purchases the deal will actually use it.  Remember that Gap giftcard you got two Christmases ago that's still in your wallet?  Yeah, that.  Sometimes people just forget, but that's extra money in your pocket when they do!

So why offer a group deal with Deals Among Moms?  Yes, there are many group deal sites out there and many who are more established than we are.  But we are VERY different than they are!  Here's how...

1.  We don't turn businesses away!  If you're a mom-run business with an online storefront (with products available to be viewed online, not necessarily payments processed online), then you can offer a deal with us, plain and simple!  Large or small....we take 'em all!  We want to help all mom-run busineeses succeed, especially the small ones!

2.  We let YOU structure your deal!  We don't require a minimum discount that you have to offer like everyone else.  We recommend at least 50%, but it's totally up to you.  We also let you choose what you want to offer, a voucher to your store or a product.  Some group deal sites don't let you offer a product!  You can also lay down the law about everything else, from the length of time the deal is offered, the expiration date, how many someone can purchase, etc.  You can even decide how many deals can be purchased so you don't overwhelm your store!

3.  Our audience is your target!  Your products are for moms and our customers are moms.  It's a match made in heaven!

4.  Our fees are lower than other group deal sites.  In general, group buying sites request a percentage of the sale.  Groupon, for instance, charges 50%.  We're not in this to make money as much as wanting to help mom-run businesses succeed, so our fees are only 40%.  Plus, we're offering a special reduced fee rate for all of the businesses that offer deals in our first 30 days!

So now you're probably psyched to offer a group buy with Deals Among Moms!  If you'd like to be added to our list of interested retailers, please email us at Morgan@dealsamongmoms.com and put "group buy" in the subject line.  We'll get you added and keep you informed of our progress as we move forward, plus, we'll be offering this group that special reduced fee when we start signing up retailers! :)  We expect to start rolling out the deals mid-May!  Please also feel free to email us if you have any additional questions!

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